CCTC Society AGM Offers Opportunity to get Involved

If you’re looking for ways to more actively support the theatre - and in particular new Canadian theatre that embraces both traditional and innovative methods of creation and contributes to a more accurate reflection of Canada’s cultural diversity on our national stage - the Annual General Meeting of the CCTC Society offers an opportunity to involve yourself more deeply.  New members are welcome to join the Society at the start of the meeting, set for 5:00 pm on Thursday June 2, 2011 in the seminar room of the Timms Centre for the Arts (on the mezzanine at the top of the lobby staircase).

The raison d’être of the CCTC Society is to support the projects and programs of the Canadian Centre for Theatre Creation and to raise and administer funds for the Centre.  The CCTC’s mandate in turn has three principle underpinnings:

  • To embrace the spectrum of approaches to developing work for the stage, from playwright-centred to collaborative, devised and inter-disciplinary modes of creation.
  • To support the development of work that contributes to a more accurate reflection of Canada's cultural diversity.
  • To promote and disseminate research and scholarship that enhances the understanding and facilitates the process of theatre creation, and that increases public awareness of new Canadian work for the stage.

Membership is currently free.  CCTC Society members are among the first to know about events at the Centre and those who volunteer time and energy to its activities are able to take advantage of free and first admission to most ticketed events.

Aside from a commitment to commissioning new Canadian work for the theatre and developing it with a view toward production, the Centre contributes to the discourse about theatre creation in Canada through public interviews with important theatre creators in its Lunchbox Chat Series, and panel discussions on topics relevant to theatre creation in the country.  Its newly launched website is also poised to develop into a national web-resource for new play practitioners, theoreticians and theatre enthusiasts in general.

As an official Research Centre of the University of Alberta, the CCTC plans to pursue funding for research aimed at developing resources for theatre creators and researchers and at expanding our understanding of how theatre is and can be created on an increasingly inter-disciplinary stage.

The Centre has made some of its space and human resources available to local creators and companies, and will continue to collaborate with artists and organizations in Edmonton to achieve common goals.  It also engages numerous local artists and technicians in order to carry out its research and play development activities.

If you have any questions about the Society, the upcoming AGM or about becoming a member, please contact the CCTC Administrator at