New CCTC Website Aims to Become Important Online Theatre Resource

A new, enhanced CCTC website launched on May 19, replacing the Centre's temporary, one-page placeholder at the web address   Fans of new theatre are invited to explore the site to find out what the centre has been up to and remain informed about upcoming CCTC events like this June’s Working Title 3 festival of new works for the stage. 

The new site is a significant expansion of the one the centre has been using since it was established in 2008.  Now a navigable, multi-page web destination, it features profiles of projects in development and programming pages listing upcoming events and performances and documenting events past.  In the near future, the site will also add RESOURCES pages that, along with its current (and also set to expand) FORUM will be a virtual locus for discourse and research on theatre creation in Canada.

The new site was developed over a number of years while the Centre waited for its turn to join the University’s new web content management system.   Its look and banner is designed by Jeff Kulak, who worked closely with the UofA Creative Services to come up with a unique presentation that further developed the identity he created for the Centre in 2008 and worked within the University website framework.  Many thanks are due to Kulak and the Creative Services team, which included Karen Chow, Scott Wierstra, Tannis Gibson, and Grant Wang.