BirdLand Theatre Developing New Multimedia Play with CCTC

Stefan Dzeparoski DELETE creator Stefan Dzeparoski

The Centre is pleased to announce that this Sunday, May 6, its partnership with Stefan Dzeparoski, Resident Director of Toronto's BirdLand Theatre, to assist in the development of his new multi-media work for the stage entitled Delete begins in earnest.

Dzeparoski is slated to direct two workshops of the script, which he has conceived for performance in a heavily mediatized space. His text is expected to develop further in concert with the creative contributions of collaborators Erin Gruber, an Alberta-based media artist, and Edmonton composer and sound designer Matthew Skopyk. The CCTC's Kim McCaw is the project dramaturg.

Delete examines the theme of what Dzeparoski calls "the eternal immigrant". Its story depicts a man named Konstantin attempting to come to terms with a past that haunts him during the last hours before the end of the earth. Gifted with a perfect memory, he lives in a world of the not-too-distant future where everyone has come to rely on digital technology as a repository for past events. He too, has rejected his own memory in favour of the more conveniently selective digital version, but he cannot escape his gift and finds himself compelled to confront his loved ones before the clock runs out.

The first development workshop for Delete runs May 6 - 8 in the Second Playing Space of the Timms Centre for the Arts in Edmonton. A second is slated to occur in the same space from August 21 - 27, and will conclude its last day with a presentation of the results of the work-in-progress on the first evening of the Department of Drama's 2012 StageLab Festival.