October: Artist Tedi Tafel's Interventions come to Edmonton

Tedi Tafel
Tedi Tafel, a Montreal-based dancer and choreographer whose work spanning more than twenty years has increasingly explored how the human body interacts with the different spaces in which it exists, will visit the Timms Centre Lobby on Thursday, October 4 from noon to 1:00 pm for a public interview with dancer-choreographer and University of Alberta Drama instructor Lin Snelling.  The interview is open to the public and free of charge, and all who attend are welcome to bring and eat their lunch during the event.
Tafel’s chat with Snelling is part of a longer visit that includes an extremely reasonably priced workshop in Authentic Movement hosted by Mile Zero Dance from October 8 - 12, from 9:30 – 12:30 each morning.  Mile Zero will also present Tafel’s site-specific piece October, which was created for her Calendar Project, from October 10 - 13. Snelling will perform the work twice nightly in front of small audiences at a location soon to be announced by Mile Zero.
Tafel’s most recent artistry moves beyond conventional performance spaces to intervene in our daily lives - through site specific performances and video installations that juxtapose natural with public, urban environments - in an effort to “shift us away from a kind of dulled entrancement that comes with a mostly functional mode of moving through the city.”  She sees the human body as the centre of human experience and movement as a medium through which we can discover truths about ourselves as human beings.
Her work is influenced by studies with Judith Koltai and Janet Adler, early advocates of Authentic Movement, which explores the insights and artistic inspirations our body can bring to us when movement begins with our eyes closed, and with Butoh masters Min Tanaka and Kazuo Ohno in Japan.
Tafel’s eventful visit to our own urban centre, which kicks off with the noon-hour interview on October 4th, promises fans and practitioners of both the performing and fine arts a profoundly valuable opportunity to expand and deepen their understanding of the methods and métier with which Tafel works.  The CCTC especially encourages theatre practitioners, researchers and appreciators to make room on their calendar for one or all of these events.
For a sample of some of Tedi Tafel’s work, click here to explore the Calendar Project website.