Stefan Dzeparoski, Erin Gruber and Joel Adria testing projections on Day 1 of the first Delete workshop, May 6-8, 2012


Delete is a new, multi-media play conceived and written by BirdLand Theatre Resident Director Stefan Dzeparoski (Toronto/NYC) and developed in collaboration with Media Artist Erin Gruber (Edmonton/Calgary) and Composer and Sound Designer Matthew Skopyk (Edmonton).

In 2012, Delete had two initial development workshops, one from May 6-8 and the other from August 21-27, which took place in the Second Playing Space of the Timms Centre for the Arts.

An excerpt was presented as a work in progress as part of the StageLab Festival put on by the University of Alberta Department of Drama. CCTC Director Kim McCaw served as project dramaturg.

Creative Team

Writer and Director: Stefan Dzeparoski
Media Artist: Erin Gruber
Composer and Sound Designer: Matthew Skopyk

CCTC Dramaturg

Dramaturg: Kim McCaw


Contact Stefan Dzeparoski at BirdLand Theatre.


The clock has just struck midnight on the last night on Earth.  In a world of the future where humans have rejected biological memory in favor of an external-digital format, an immigrant named Konstantin puts pen to paper in an attempt to write a letter of apology to his family and friends.

Konstantin possesses a unique ability: at any given moment he holds a clear memory of every second of his entire life.  But nobody’s memories are all pleasant, and the torment of this gift has caused Konstantin to block out his natural ability for recall in favour of the digital version - selectable and easier to bear.  Yet if his absolute memory has burdened him, it has also given him insight into the fragile and inconsistent nature of the digital world in which he lives.

At the heightened borderline of being where his eternal memory meets the end of time, Konstantin encounters the digital ghosts of those who have marked and influenced his migratory existence and whom, to some extent, he has betrayed with his act of forgetting: Mother, Father, Lover, Child, Stranger and Death.  As each remembrance reveals a different segment of his past life, it also prevents him from completing his letter of apology, which he has intended as an artifact that will serve as proof of his existence.

As the Earth approaches its final moment, it seems Konstantin’s eternal memory, too, will disappear without a trace.

Other Details

Male: 1 and others, TBD
Konstantin: Age TBD
Female: TBD

Place: TBD - the action occurs in a heavily mediated evnironment
Time: The future, on the last night of the end of the world

Running time:



Delete is currently in development in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Theatre Creation. Its first workshop, exploring how projected media can be used to create the playing environment in support of the story, took place from May 6-8, 2012 with the following creative and support team:

Creator/Director: Stefan Dzeparoski
Media Artist: Erin Gruber
Composer/Sound Designer: Matthew Skopyk
Dramaturg: Kim McCaw
Assistant Technician: Joel Adria
Stand-in: Evan Hall
Supporting Technicians: Elijah Lindenberger, Rachelle Dunn

A second workshop took place during the StageLab Festival from August 21-27, 2012 with the following support team:

Creator/Director: Stefan Dzeparoski
Media Artist: Erin Gruber
Composer/Sound Designer: Matthew Skopyk
Dramaturg: Kim McCaw
Assistant Technician: Joel Adria
Actors: Kris Joseph*, Nancy MacAlear*
Stage Manager: Molly Pearson*
Supporting Technicians: Matt Lattimer 

*Appeared courtesy of the Canadian Actor's Equity Association 

CAEA Artists were engaged under the terms of the Tangerine Project Logo 

CCTC Acknowledges the support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts logo        

Creative Team

Stefan Dzeparoski

Stefan Dzeparoski

Erin Gruber

Erin Gruber
Media Artist


Matthew Skopyk

Matthew Skopyk
Composer/Sound Designer


Check out this video about Delete :

DELETE - A Multimedia Play from Faculty of Arts on Vimeo


Erin Gruber, Joel Adria and Elijah Lindenberger, all of whom played a role in the development of Delete, are also otherwise known as the Edmonton-based video design team Showstages Collective

The Showstages website features podcasts of discussions with theatre creators about the use of projected media in work for the stage. 

Two interviews posted to date relate to Delete: Episode 1 features project creator Stefan Dzeparoski discussing the integral part media play in the work's conception and ongoing creation; Episode 3 continues the conversation about Delete with CCTC Director Kim McCaw reflecting on the dramaturgical challenges involved in the development of this multimedia piece.

You can access these podcasts by clicking here.