CCTC Associate Director and Chair of the UofA Department of Drama Kathleen Weiss

Life Without Secrets

The CCTC began providing Priscilla Yakielashek dramaturgical support on Life Without Secrets in the spring of 2011.   The script received a workshop followed by a public reading at Working Title 3 on June 28th at 7:30 pm.


Playwright: Priscilla Yakielashek

CCTC Dramaturg
Dramaturg: Kathleen Weiss

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“I have held my breath on my passions,
suffocating myself of my own senses.” 

Life Without Secrets is a beautiful, haunting collision between the secrets of our hearts and the realities of our lives.  A once-devoted couple are on the brink of fracturing, each moving towards a new love.   Noni, the designer, away in Vancouver for work, is attracted to the soft sincerity of Charles.   Quinton, newly a boxer, continues his affair with the ardent Georgia.   Striking imagery contrasts the roughness of boxing with poetic elegance as a compelling narrative, all hastening towards a turbulent climax.   Here, accidental events force the outcome: to continue, or to begin again?

Other Details
Female: 3 (2 with double casting)
Male: 5 (3 with double casting)

Quinton: Male, mid 30s
Noni: Female, mid 30s
Charles: Male, late 30s
Georgia: Female, early 30s
Nurse 1: played by Georgia
Nurse 2: played by Charles
Letter Catcher: Male, 45-55
Man in Elevator: Male, elderly

Place: Toronto and Vancouver in various settings including studios, apartments, a gym, a theatre, an elevator, the street and a streetcar
Time: The present

Running time:
Reads approximately 100 minutes.

Recently read at StageLab/Working Title 3

Life Without Secrets

by Priscilla Yakielashek

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
7:30 pm

Second Playing Space
Timms Centre for the Arts
University of Alberta
112th Street at 87th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta

Admission: Free

Kathleen Weiss*

Clinton Carew*
as Quinton.
Melissa Thingelstad
as Noni.
Ian Leung* as Charles.
Amy Keating as Georgia.
Thomas Peacocke* as The Letter Catcher/Man on Elevator.

*Courtesy Canadian Actors' Equity Association.

This reading of Life Without Secrets, by Priscilla Yakielashek, is presented by the Canadian Centre for Theatre Creation at Working Title 3 in partnership with the University of Alberta Department of Drama StageLab.