Actress, playwright and Indie5 Artistic Director Melissa Thingelstad

Life Without Secrets

The CCTC began providing Priscilla Yakielashek dramaturgical support on Life Without Secrets in the spring of 2011.   The script received a workshop followed by a public reading at Working Title 3 on June 28th at 7:30 pm.


Playwright: Priscilla Yakielashek

CCTC Dramaturg
Dramaturg: Kathleen Weiss

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“I have held my breath on my passions,
suffocating myself of my own senses.” 

Life Without Secrets is a beautiful, haunting collision between the secrets of our hearts and the realities of our lives.  A once-devoted couple are on the brink of fracturing, each moving towards a new love.   Noni, the designer, away in Vancouver for work, is attracted to the soft sincerity of Charles.   Quinton, newly a boxer, continues his affair with the ardent Georgia.   Striking imagery contrasts the roughness of boxing with poetic elegance as a compelling narrative, all hastening towards a turbulent climax.   Here, accidental events force the outcome: to continue, or to begin again?

Other Details
Female: 3 (2 with double casting)
Male: 5 (3 with double casting)

Quinton: Male, mid 30s
Noni: Female, mid 30s
Charles: Male, late 30s
Georgia: Female, early 30s
Nurse 1: played by Georgia
Nurse 2: played by Charles
Letter Catcher: Male, 45-55
Man in Elevator: Male, elderly

Place: Toronto and Vancouver in various settings including studios, apartments, a gym, a theatre, an elevator, the street and a streetcar
Time: The present

Running time:
Reads approximately 100 minutes.

Recently read at StageLab/Working Title 3

Life Without Secrets

by Priscilla Yakielashek

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
7:30 pm

Second Playing Space
Timms Centre for the Arts
University of Alberta
112th Street at 87th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta

Admission: Free

Kathleen Weiss*

Clinton Carew*
as Quinton.
Melissa Thingelstad
as Noni.
Ian Leung* as Charles.
Amy Keating as Georgia.
Thomas Peacocke* as The Letter Catcher/Man on Elevator.

*Courtesy Canadian Actors' Equity Association.

This reading of Life Without Secrets, by Priscilla Yakielashek, is presented by the Canadian Centre for Theatre Creation at Working Title 3 in partnership with the University of Alberta Department of Drama StageLab.