CCTC commissioned playwright Elyne Quan


Retrospective was commissioned by the CCTC as part of its commitment to contribute to making the Canadian stage more culturally diverse.  The announcement of the award of this inaugural commission to Toronto-based and former Edmontonian playwright Elyne Quan was made at the launch of the Centre on January 26, 2009.

The CCTC acknowledges the support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, which made the creation of this new work possible.

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Playwright: Elyne Quan

CCTC Dramaturg
Dramaturg: Kim McCaw


Currently seeking production partners.  Contact the CCTC Administrator or Rena Zimmerman at Great North Artists (416.925.2051).

Retrospective focuses on surprising discoveries made by a husband as he goes through his recently deceased wife’s personal effects. She reveals her secret life as an artist and he comes to a fresh understanding of who she truly was and the power art has over every artist’s way of life.
Other Details
Female: 3
Male: 1

Claire: Age 22-30
Robert: Age 25-33 & 55
Doreen: Age 22-30 & 51
Poppy: Age 22

Place: A Canadian city
Time: The present and 25-30 years ago

Running time:
Reads approximately 100 minutes

Project Log

January 2009

The CCTC announces Toronto-based playwright Elyne Quan as the recipient of the Centre’s first commission at CCTC launch party.  Centre Director and project dramaturg Kim McCaw meets with Quan in preliminary discussions about the commission.

March 2010

A first draft of the script is workshopped at the CCTC.

June 2010

A second draft of the script is workshopped at the CCTC

November 2010

The script receives further workshopping and dramaturgy at the Playwright's Theatre Centre Colony in Vancouver.