Stalker: The Musical composer and lyricist Paul Morgan Donald

Stalker: The Musical

Stalker: The Musical is Andrea Boyd's second full length play and first musical.  The CCTC offered Boyd dramaturgical support on the script in the spring of 2011, and made it one of the workshop readings at Working Title 3 at the University of Alberta Department of Drama StageLab.

Creative Team

Playwright: Andrea Boyd
Music and Lyrics: Paul Morgan Donald

CCTC Dramaturg
Dramaturg: Kim McCaw

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Neurotic Leila is pursued by Howard, a man who is as convinced Leila loves him as he is obsessed with her.  Howard is equally convinced that his life is a musical, and neither Leila nor Darcy, the cop she enlists to rid herself of an increasingly malevolent pest, can help singing along with him.  Stalker is a dark, romantic, comedy-thriller…with music. 

Other Details
Female: 1
Male: 2

Howard: 40s
Leila: Aged 30-40
Darcy: Aged 30-40

Place: Edmonton (or any Canadian city)
Time: The present

Running time:
Reads approximately 100 minutes.

Recently read at StageLab/Working Title 3

Stalker: The Musical

by Andrea Boyd
music and lyrics by Paul Morgan Donald

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
7:30 pm

Second Playing Space
Timms Centre for the Arts
University of Alberta
112th Street at 87th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta

Admission: Free

Kim McCaw*

Garett Ross*
as Howard.
Jocelyn Ahlf*
as Leila.
George Szilagyi* as Darcy.

*Courtesy Canadian Actors' Equity Association.

This reading of Stalker: The Musical, by Andrea Boyd, is presented by the Canadian Centre for Theatre Creation at Working Title 3 in partnership with the University of Alberta Department of Drama StageLab.