Melissa Thingelstad as Hedda Gabler

Realtor Canoe Theatre Festival

The Realtor Canoe Theatre Festival is presented in third week of January of each year by Workshop West Theatre in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Theatre Creation, the University of Alberta Department of Drama and others.  It's a curated festival that brings challenging and innovative work from around the world to audiences in Edmonton, Alberta.

Since 2010, through a joint agreement with Workshop West and the Department of Drama, the CCTC has had the option of presenting a show in one of the slots in the festival line-up.  The Department of Drama also provides one of the Canoe Festival’s main venues, the Second Playing Space in the Timms Centre for the Arts.

The Centre chose not to present a show at Canoe in 2012.  Keep checking this page for an announcement in Fall 2012 about the CCTC's partipation in the January 2013 edition of the Realtor Canoe Festival.  To find out more about the Festival, visit the Workshop West website.


The CCTC at Canoe 2011
January 18-23


IN 2011, the CCTC presented Tumit, written and performed by Reneltta Arluk and directed by Kathleen Weiss. Weiss also served as dramaturg during the development of the show.

Tumit explores the cycles that pass from generation to generation through the person of Sarah, a young woman who has recently discovered she is pregnant and is moving out of the apartment she once shared with her husband.  As she packs, memories begin to stir.  She re-visits her greatest joys and faces her greatest pains.

The traditional and the contemporary are woven together in Arluk's story of a young woman pondering the prospects of becoming a single mother and preparing for a change of tracks as she steps forward.


The CCTC at Canoe 2010
January 19-24, 26-31

Hedda Gabler in Rutherford House

The CCTC marked its entrance into the Canoe Festival with a site-specific production of Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, adapted by Associate Director Kathleen Weiss and Edmonton theatre artist Melissa Thingelstad.

The production was staged inside the University of Alberta’s Rutherford House to audiences of fifteen people, who followed the action through a number of rooms in the heritage building on campus.  It fan for four performances during the Canoe Festival, then for another six the following week.

Featuring Thingelstad in the lead role supported by Nadien Chu, Harry Judge, Ian Leung and David Ley, Hedda Gabler at Rutherford House was assistant directed by Liz Hobbes and featured original music composed and played live during the performances by Heather Kemski.

The CCTC Lunchbox Chat Series:
Canoe Festival Editions

Canoe Festival 2011

January 20, 1:00 pm
Guests: Renellta Arluk (Tumit), Nathan Cuckow (Bash'd) and Annie Dugan (Operation EVAsion)

Canoe Festival 2009

January 22, 12:30 pm
Guests: Thomas Behrend (performer) and Siegmar Schröder (Artistic Director), from Theaterlabor (Body Fragments)