Actress Amy Keating is Georgia in the StageLab/Working Title 3 reading of Priscilla Yakielashek's Life Without Secrets

Working Title

From 2009-2011, the Working Title festival of productions and readings was the CCTC’s annual showcase of current work in development at or in association with the Centre.  Taking place in the late spring, it presented full and chamber productions of stage-ready work, readings of scripts, and performances of devised works-in-progress.  All the works received workshop or production dramaturgy leading up to their performance dates, so what the community witnessed during the festival was always the end result of fresh development activity.

In 2011, Working Title 3 was presented as part of StageLab, a larger event launched that year as a showcase for the creative research of Department of Drama faculty.  In 2012, Working Title will be scaled down to one project, but it will retain its essential character as a development phase for new work that is capped by a public presentation, and will be produced as part of StageLab 2012.

Information on past Working Title Festivals can be accessed by clicking on the respective editions appearing on the drop down menu for this page, to the left.

The Centre acknowledges the support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the University of Alberta Department of Drama, the University of Alberta President’s Fund for the Creative and Performing Arts and the University of Alberta Vice President Research in mounting Working Title.

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